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 Standing Rock Housing Project


The Water Protectors at Standing Rock are getting ready for winter.  

I am raising funds to provide shelters for these volunteers.  

A "GO FUND ME" site is operational, link below.  

Looks like my degree in Mechanical Engineering, my carpentry skills and my winter camping experience may all come together to assist the people at Standing Rock.

 They urgently need "Shelter from the Storm"  (a Dylan line).


Shelters must be insulated, sturdy, portable, use materials efficiently and work in the context of the Standing Rock Movement.  Community space and sleeping space are needed.  A practical design is similar to a typical Boy Scout wall tent.  It will sleep 4 comfortably on two double beds with underneath storage.   The beds will serve as seats for a centrally located table for cooking, eating, reading etc.  

For community space a good design is an extended hexa-yurt.  Photos below.  

The plan is to build a test model in New York State and take it to Standing Rock.  Once tested in the elements and inspected by the people on the ground;

we will make any design modifications necessary and then build as many shelters

as possible that conform to the needs of the Standing Rock Movement.  

The Community forming at Standing Rock is going to be instrumental in our evolution away from hydrocarbon addiction.  Please donate accordingly.    


Peace and Blessings,

M. Bear




Hexa-yurts are a great idea.  You can google this.  

They are an efficient use of materials.

There are numerous design possibilities.

It would be possible to sleep 12 people in one of these

(8' high). 

     Photo of hexa-yurts at Burning Man where they are popular.  

           Ours will be much stronger than what you see here.

Standard hexa-yurt with 4 foot walls

 Design for a hexa-yurt bunkhouse with up to 6 sleeping modules.   

 Each 'module' sleeps two people in an area the size of a two  person tent.  3 modules on ground floor and 3 modules on second layer.  Note that the addition of a second layer with  vertical poles reaching up to the ceiling and a complete floor  system will make these units very rigid.  Numerous other details will be strengthened for a North Dakota winter.  We can also locate a pair of hexa-yurts about 12 feet apart and build a lean-to type of shelter between them.  This will provide a windbreak and a place to gather, cook etc.

These ideas have evolved into the MINI VILLAGE seen below........  

12 person hexayurt.  

6 modules

each module size

of 2 person tent

center module folds

away during daytime

Background Information on Standing Rock Movement

Starting in early 2016 the people at the Standing Rock Reservation began to protest against an oil pipeline being built from North Dakota to Illinois.  This movement has grown all summer.  Indigenous People are coming from all over North America and the Earth to support this effort.  

Initially they were concerned about the Missouri River Basin and the Ogalala Aquifer.  The movement

is now becoming a vehicle to protect all of the waters of the Earth.  


Mark Twain: “You can’t depend on your judgement when your imagination is out of focus.”  

We imagine that clean water is endless.

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