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Medicine Bear Bio:


B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Rochester, NY 1967


1968 – 1972 Process Engineer in manufacturing companies.


In 1972 I asked myself “When will I be 26 and single again?”. So I took a plane to London, bought a new 750cc BMW motorcycle, and proceeded to log 33,000 miles in 11 months. All over Europe and trans-Africa from Gibraltar to Nairobi, Kenya.


1974 Operated a second trans-African motorcycle safari with 12 250cc Hondas and a support truck.


1975 – 1978 Operated motorcycle, camping hiking and water safaris in East Africa. Including the transportation of 4 tons of dynamite and 6000 electric detonators to Juba in the Southern Sudan.


1979 -1982 Worked again as a mechanical engineer.


1983 – 2002 Operated my own machine shop business, Zengineering


2003 – present Developing an off the grid community in central Nevada based on the Traditional Peace Principles.


Elder at Art Of Mentoring for 12+ years


Tom Brown's Tracking School 15+ courses


Jon Young Wilderness Awareness Programs


Workshops and ceremony with various elders including Jake Swamp, founder of the Tree of Peace Society.


Teaching and leading ceremony at a teen camp for 12 + years.


Supporting the community that has grown around Carl Big Heart's teachings.

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